Welcome :)

I've decided to make this blog into a food diary. Since nobody I actually know reads this, I feel like I can be more honest about what I eat. Plus it'll be good for me to write it down and hopefully develop better eating habits (hopefully!).


A little about myself I guess. My name is Lucy. I'm 21, a senior at MIT majoring in biology and biomedical engineering while being a premedical student at the same time. I think being at MIT is an experience that has defined part of who I am forever. You might see some of this reflected in my eating habits, where I often have no time to sleep, eat and/or I end up choosing unhealthy comfort food after a particularly stressful period of work. But that's not to say that I don't love being here, I think it's an amazing place. They say surviving MIT is probably the hardest thing you'll ever have to do in your life. I think they're probably right :)

I was born in Shanghai, China, where I lived until I was 6. I came to the US with my parents, and we've lived in Massachusetts since then. I enjoy all kinds of cuisine, but I definitely grew up eating Chinese food. I've learned to cook quite a few yummy (and authentic!) Chinese dishes, but I love trying all sorts of foods. I also adore baking and making desserts. My dream in life is to open my own pastry shop/cafe when I'm older and richer. So that's a little bit about my love for food. I hope that gives you some background to look at my food diary with. Enjoy!


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