Friday, March 9th

9:20AM Dorm Room
1 can of eight treasure congee (12.6 oz, 280 calories). This stuff tastes okay, and fills you up for a while (it has a whopping 15g of fiber, giving you 61% of your daily intake in just one serving!). It's called "ba bao zhou" (八宝粥) in Chinese. I eat it in the mornings if I'm not sure when I can grab lunch. The congee includes glutinous rice, wheat, red bean, green bean, peanuts, pearl barley, logans, and lotus seeds. See? Eight treasures!

12:15PM Whitehead Institute Friday Forum
1 portabella mushroom stuffed with spinach, ricotta, and mozerella. 1/3 cup rice. 1/2 of a 4-inch white chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm there's nothing more satisfying than free food :) This is the first Friday Forum I've gone to at Whitehead (where I work in my lab), and there's free lunch provided. I was not too hungry since I had that can of congee in the morning, but the stuffed portabella was delicious! Mmmm!

2:00PM Lab Computer Lounge
1/2 can of Diet Coke while surfing on the computer and chatting with labmates.

6:45PM Baker Dorm Dining
1 chicken breast piccata (280 calories), with 1 cup linguine (200 calories), and 1 cup of steamed corn (90 calories) and carrots (25 calories). Also 1 wheat dinner roll (78 calories) with butter (36 calories). Not too many options at Baker dining tonight, it was either the chicken piccata or stir fry or grill items. I did avoid grabbing a dessert though, despite the fact that the entire kitchen was smelling like freshly baked cake haha. I think I will skip the dinner roll from now on. I only started getting it recently because I wanted some variety in my dinner, but it's just extra calories that I don't need in my meal.

11:15PM Dorm Room, Studying for MCAT (on a Friday night…)
1 Viactiv "Flavor Glides" multi-vitamin. I try to take a vitamin whenever I remember to, so at least a few times a week. These are supposed to be taken with a meal, but I always forget. Oh well.

1:45AM Dorm Room, Taking a Study Break
1 Del Monte Lite Diced Peaches fruit cup (4 oz, 50 calories) and 12 lightly salted almonds (80 calories). A late night snack to keep me going. Tried to pick healthy options, even though I was really craving something savory and unhealthy. The almonds really help fill me up, so that curbs the cravings. That plus the fact that I don't really even have much good stuff to eat in the room haha.

So it looks like the day's total is about 1500 calories. I think that's pretty average for what I aim for in a day, though my guess is that I often overshoot if I'm not keeping careful track. See? I knew there would be a benefit to starting this food diary :)

4:45AM Time for Bed, Finally
Feeling pretty hungry, since it's been 3 hours since I had my snack… but I'm about to go to bed so I don't want to eat right beforehand. But yeah… staying up late really does suck.


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